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AMKVO - Unmanned Solutions Specialists

Unmanned Services

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We provide unparalleled solutions to help you access hazardous environments and gain insights. Our team has over 1000 successful flights underground. We provide LiDAR scanning above and underground, inspections in tight spaces and hard to reach environments, and solve other complex problems. Let us help you avoid risking your own equipment and achieve your goals with confidence.

Advanced Flights

We strive to deliver the most advanced unmanned systems on the market. Our wide selection includes drones, robots, and ROVs, as well as software, and payloads. Our technology is designed to make your work more efficient and effective. Contact us today to see how we can help streamline your operations.

Equipment provider

Are you looking to implement unmanned systems into your organization but not sure where to start? We offer comprehensive training and implementation services that save you time and money. We’ll work with you to assess your specific needs and provide a tailored solution that fits your business. You can trust us to help you get started and do what you do best.

Training & Implementation

We offer comprehensive assistance for all your equipment needs. Our team is available to provide support, with a 24/7 service to government agencies. No matter the task at hand, we're here to help. From repairs after a crash to general maintenance, we have leading role in the region when it comes to providing our customers with the support they need.

Support & Service

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