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What we do

Vi levererar ett av de största utrustningssortimenten i Norden som täcker UAS, UGVs, ROVs, sensorer, mjukvaror, utbildningar och mycket mer!

We help you find the right system from simpler to very advanced and modular systems. Contact us to find the best product for your purpose!

If you need help with scanning from the ground or the air, we are here to help you if you are not ready to make the investment yourself. We have different systems for different operations.

We make it easy for your organization to get started, everything from training the staff to implementing and structuring the organization for the new resource

We have solid experience (~28,000 UAS flights) from advanced operations, such as indoors, underground or at very high altitudes. Does it feel difficult? We are here to support you!

We know how important it is when things don't work as they should, we are here to minimize downtime. We have specific service and support agreements to ensure your success

Do you need help with laser scanning, photogrammetry, or CAD drawings to recreate existing environments. Do not hesitate reach out!


Discover how AMKVO can help you solve today's business challenges and take advantage of the new opportunities that digital technology offers.

We create accurate and accurate data. 3D models, point clouds and maps areas large and small, with high quality . Visualize your project in a new way! We also fly with LiDAR on a lot of vegetation to create soil models.

Survey & GIS

We make property management easy and efficient . Status inspections, thermographs, damage inspections, house inspections, energy inspections, floorplans, digital twins and much more.

Real Estate

Within mines, there are many difficult to access or inaccessible areas. We help scan dangerous spaces or sell systems for it. We fly inside the shaft and walk safely and deliver comprehensive 3D data with high accuracy.


With the help of thermal cameras and certified thermographers, we can carry out energy inventories from the ground or air. We can find moisture and water damage, heat leakage and other damage that leads to high energy consumption.


In industries, time is a limitation. We can quickly and safely inspect tanks, cisterns, chimneys and other confined spaces. All deviations compiled in a report for quick decision basis.


We help with the implementation of UAS in your security operations, drones in boxes for repeated automated rounding or help your staff get started quickly.


Documentation, 3D scans by land or air, visualization basis, input and project management. Control of the project from start to finish with repeated information gathering.


With the help of RGB, multispectral camera and LiDAR we can create maps for status control, look for bark drill attacks, check crops, game damage and volume and trunk diameter in forest.

Soil & Forest

We have drones of all sizes and can fly with cameras up to 20kg, with our own equipment we shoot up to 6K RAW and 42mp images. We have experience of large and small productions around the world. With 23,000 flights, we make your choice easy.


Are you thinking about buying drones but don't really know how to get started? We help with advice on which UAS suits your business and tailor an education after that. Make it easy to get started with drones and book one of our courses today.

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