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Farming and forestry

Why hire AMKVO?

We understand the importance of detailed and accurate information. We use the latest technology in agriculture and forestry to always provide innovative, accurate and accurate results. We can also post your project in our partner platform to link BIM data to the documentation. No project is too small or too large, our experts will help you visualize your project quickly and efficiently.

We streamline and create added value!

  • visualization

  • 3D models

  • Documentation

  • Multispectral images

  • Water flows

  • Research project

  • Inspection

  • Find insect attacks

  • Overview

  • Design Basis

  • Status check

  • Game Inventory

  • forest volumes

  • orthophotos


Some applications

Nutritional Analysis

Game damage & inventory

forest Management

solar panels drone thermal camera

Better planning & decision support

solar panels drone thermal camera

DTM & DSM models

Insurance cases

Orthophotos & Steering Files

Fence inspection

change Analysis

Inside & outside Cistern inspection

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