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Real Estate

Why hire AMKVO?

We understand the importance of detailed and accurate information. We use the latest technology in inspection and inspection to always provide innovative, accurate and accurate results. We can also post your project in our partner platform to connect BIM data to the model. No project is too small or too large, our experts will help you visualize your project quickly and efficiently.

We streamline and create added value!

  • visualization

  • 3D models

  • Documentation

  • Digital Twins

  • Floor plans

  • Inspection

  • Inspection

  • Tank inspection

  • Thermography

  • Design Basis

  • Status check

  • Fastighetssködsel

  • Consulting

  • orthophotos


Real Estate

  • Quality-based implementation and accounting

  • Systematic way of working

  • Clear results

  • Fast & qualitative work

Some applications




3D visualization



Digital Twin

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