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Why hire AMKVO?

We map all deviations, compile everything into a report and create a customized action plan. Our team of professional pilots are certified thermographers through ITC (Infrared Training Center) and expert analysts. We use the latest technology from FLIR and UAS thermography. Which is a superior cost-effective and time-saving method, we also avoid cranes and running on roofs. In case of emergency, we also get results directly in place.


We reduce your energy consumption!

Industries and management

  • Energy optimization of real estate

  • Search for air leaks

  • Seek water and moisture damage

  • Find design errors

  • Search for wiring

  • Insufficient insulation

  • Overheated contacts

  • Corroded contacts

  • Cable fault

  • Insulation failure

  • Find design errors

  • Search for wiring


  • Quality-based implementation and accounting

  • Systematic way of working

  • Clear results

  • Fast & qualitative reporting

  • Partners for inspections

Some applications

Wind turbines


Roof & Facade

Real Estate

solar panels drone thermal camera

Solar panels

District heating

Power lines

Electrical cables

Water leaks

Animals & People

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