Our company, AMKVO, is based in Uppsala/Stockholm, but we work throughout Sweden and internationally. We offer complete business solutions using unmanned aerial systems (UAS)/drones to both private and corporate clients worldwide. Some applications of our work are aerial photography/aerial film, video productions, photography, inspections, orthophotos, mapping, 3D modeling of buildings & structures, volume calculations, and project management. With over 25 years experience and market leading products of the highest quality, we work for quality and durability at a cost effective price. We also develop unique and creative solutions for your purposes.


While flying UAS/drones, security is of the utmost importance. For this reason, we use the market's leading UAS/drone brands and continuously update our technologies. For our customers' and our equipment's safety, we fly only when weather conditions permit. We also have valid permission to fly from the Armed Forces, the Swedish Transport Agency and the liability insurance from Inter Hannover.



We at Amkvo AB have an extensive development road map and are committed to continuously growing with the market and delivering state-of-the-art services to our customers. Our services can be applied to a wide variety of sectors including; Safety & Security, Inspection, Creative, Surveying & Mapping, Agriculture & Research and more. Your imagination sets the limit.


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